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EnLightenment Learning

Torch Learning Centre provides all T.L.C enrolled students access to our EnLightenment Learning Programme.

The Enlightenment Learning Programme is devised by our experienced therapist who through her years of teaching has identified the common learning barrers and needs of struggling students

All Enlightenment Learning Programmes are specialy designed to enable students address issues that may impact on their learning.


Enlightenment Learning CBT involves changing the way students think and feel, facing their fears step by step thus changing the way they respond or behave. CBT will give students the tools to be active in changing their negative patterns of behaviour and be pro active in creating the positive life changes they wish to create. (Parental consent is required)


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a school of Psychotherapy that aims to help people overcome their emotional problems.

Cognitive  means mental processes like thinking. The word cognitive refers to anything that goes on in your mind including dreams, memories, images, thoughts and attention.

Behaviour  refers to everything you do. This includes what you say, how you solve problems, how you act and avoid things. Behaviour refers to both action and inaction, for example biting your tongue instead of speaking your mind is still behaviour.

Therapy is a word used to describe a systematic approach to combating a problem, illness or irregular condition.

The concept of CBT is that you feel the way you think.

You cannot have a feeling without a thought.

CBT works on the principal that you can live more happily if you are thinking in healthy ways.

CBT is a powerful treatment because it combines scientific, philosophical and behavioural aspects into one comprehensive approach to understanding one common psychological problem.

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 We now hold additional Approved Centre Status for CITY & GUILDS, AQA, and ASDAN


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Self Esteem

Practical Parenting(Virtual Babies)



Thank you to all who have completed the TLC evaluations of our service we have been delighted by the response.



"I would definitely recommend Torch to any school.  As a head of house it's great to be kept informed weekly about both good and bad progress and also great to know that even some of our most 'lost' students have a place to 'succeed' when mainstream school isn't working for them.  It's also been great for students who are still able to access main stream school on the whole but can offer a vocational course that we can't. Well done! Keep up the good work please."










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